2024 MLB Early Season Takeaways: Overreactions or On Point?

2024 MLB Early Season Takeaways: Overreactions or On Point?


As the 2024 MLB season unfolds, fans and pundits alike are eager to make sense of the early results. With teams having played between seven and 12 games, there’s already a flurry of reactions and overreactions to the performances, injuries, and potential trades.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into ten MLB Early Season Takeaways and examine whether they are on point or overreactions.

  1. The Injury to Spencer Strider Makes the Phillies the Favorites in the NL East

Verdict: Overreaction

Although Spencer Strider‘s injury is a significant setback for the Braves, it doesn’t automatically make the Phillies the favorites in the NL East. The Braves still have a formidable roster and can make adjustments, such as trading for another starter if needed.

  1. The Astros’ Run in the AL West is Finally Over

Verdict: Overreaction

While the Astros may face tough competition in the AL West this season, it’s too early to write them off. They have a strong track record and the ability to adapt to new challenges.

  1. The Marlins’ Best Trade Partners are the Orioles and Dodgers

Verdict: On Point

The Marlins‘ lack of a player who could bring in four quality prospects for a trade means they’ll likely target hitters. The Orioles and Dodgers, with their depth in hitting prospects, make for ideal trade partners.

  1. Jackson Chourio of the Brewers Will Win the NL Rookie of the Year Award

Verdict: Overreaction

Chourio‘s slow start doesn’t necessarily mean he’s out of the running for the NL Rookie of the Year Award. However, it’s too early to make such a definitive statement.

  1. Catchers, Pitchers, and Teams are Figuring Out the Shift

Verdict: On Point

With the MLB’s rule changes aimed at reducing the shift, it’s likely that catchers, pitchers, and teams are already making adjustments to adapt to the new landscape.

  1. The New NL East Favorites are the Mets

Verdict: On Point

The Mets‘ strong start to the season, combined with the Phillies’ and Braves’ early struggles, makes them the new favorites in the NL East.

  1. The Yankees’ Bullpen is a Weakness

Verdict: Overreaction

While the Yankees‘ bullpen has had its share of struggles, it’s too early to label it a weakness. The team has time to make adjustments and shore up its relief pitching.

  1. The Red Sox are Contenders in the AL East

Verdict: Overreaction

Although the Red Sox have shown promise, it’s too early to consider them contenders in the AL East. The division is highly competitive, and the Red Sox still have a lot to prove.

  1. The Padres’ Pitching Staff is a Strength

Verdict: On Point

The Padres‘ pitching staff, led by starters Yu Darvish and Joe Musgrove, has been a significant strength for the team early in the season.

  1. The Rule Changes are Having a Major Impact on the Game

Verdict: On Point

The MLB’s rule changes, such as the restrictions on the shift and the pitch clock, are already having a noticeable impact on the game, affecting everything from strategy to player performance.

The Impact of Rule Changes on MLB

The MLB’s rule changes, implemented in 2023, were aimed at enhancing the game’s pace and increasing the number of balls in play. These changes include a pitch clock, restrictions on the shift, and a limit on defensive positioning.

The pitch clock has been a significant adjustment for pitchers and catchers, requiring them to work more efficiently and make quicker decisions. The restrictions on the shift have forced infielders to rethink their positioning and adjust to new defensive strategies.

These changes have already had a noticeable impact on the game, with more balls in play, increased stolen base attempts, and a faster pace of play. As the season progresses, it will be interesting to see how teams and players continue to adapt to these changes and how they affect the game’s overall landscape.

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Amidst the 2024 MLB season’s progression, navigating the early results with an informed perspective on MLB Early Season Takeaways is paramount. While initial outcomes may evoke excitement or apprehension, maintaining a balanced view and delving into the broader context is crucial. This approach allows for a more nuanced comprehension of the season’s direction and the narratives that will shape its course.

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